• Natural Mineral Lick (93.3% w/w salt)

    Redmond Rock box of 4

  • Natural Mineral Lick (93.3% w/w salt)


  • Gut Balancer

    Probiotic starter pack

  • Gut Balancer

    Gut Balancer 400g

  • Gut Balancer

    Gut Balancer 700g

  • Gut Balancer

    Gut Balancer 3.5kg

  • Gut Balancer

    Gut Balancer 7kg

  • Quick Fix

    Quick Fix 30ml

  • Recover Aid

    Recover Aid 14 x 15g sachets

  • Acid Ease

    Acid Ease 1.5kg

  • Acid Ease

    Acid Ease 3kg

  • Field Paste

    Field Paste 500ml

  • Hoof-Stuff

    Hoof-Stuff 190ml

  • Artimud

    Artimud 190ml

  • Sole Cleanse

    Sole Cleanse 500ml

  • Sole Cleanse

    Sole Cleanse 2.5l

  • Sole Paint

    Sole Paint 500ml

  • Hoof Moisturiser

    HydroHoof 250ml

  • Stronghorn

    Stronghorn 250ml

  • Coat Spray Natural

    Coat Spray Natural 500ml

  • Coat Spray Natural

    Coat Spray Natural 2.5 litre

  • Coat Spray Super

    Coat Spray Super 500ml

  • Coat Spray Super

    Coat Spray Super 2.5 litre

  • Red Zone Balm

    Red Zone Balm 100ml

  • Sweet Oil

    Sweet Oil 250ml

  • HoneyHeal

    HoneyHeal 250ml

  • HoneyHeal

    HoneyHeal 500ml

  • 4 Feet

    4 Feet 360g Pouch

  • 4 Feet

    4 Feet 2kg Tub

  • Safe Salt

    Safe Salt

  • Complete Electrolytes


  • Complete Electrolytes

    2kg Tub


Horse At EquiMatters we know how much your horse matters, because our horses matter so much to us. Whatever your equestrian interests, the well-being of your horse is hugely important. So we are continually on the lookout for products which can contribute to the health and contentment of your horse.

Redmond Rock was our first product. It is an entirely natural mineral lick which can provide horses with many of the minerals they need, in an unprocessed and palatable form.
Redmond Rock

The Protexin Equine Premium range of probiotics, derived from their veterinary range, promotes gut health and aids recovery after a virus, worming or antibiotic treatments.

Red Horse are naturally-based products to aid healing. In particular their wide range of hoof care lines deals effectively with all manner of hoof health issues, and take into account practical considerations of care whether stabled or at grass.
Red Horse Hoof Care   Red Horse Healing   Red Horse Fly Control

Equilibrium Therapy is a range of massage and magnetic products developed to provide affordable therapy to relax muscles and help recovery, improve flexibility and aid tissue repair.
Equilibrium Therapy    

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Our good friends at Horse and Rider magazine have provided some space in the next issue to promote Redmond Rock.
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